A la Poursuite De Carmen Sandiego? was a Canadian-French speaking version of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


TFO 1998-1999


SDA Productions Inc.


Patrick Labbe


Brigitte Paquette as "The Chief"

Carmen SandiegoEdit

Joe Bocan

Engine CrewEdit

Daniel Do
Marie-Hélène Fortin
Widemir Normil


The gameplay was similar to the PBS version in the USA. There were three time pilots competing answering questions about the past. Instead of the winning contestant getting a computer as a grand prize like on the US version, he/she received mountain bikes and prize package.


Based on the American PBS kids game show Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? produced by WGBH Boston & WQED Pittsburgh.

Related ShowEdit

Mais, ou se cache Carmen Sandiego?

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