Beyond Reason featured a panel of three paranormal experts competing to find the identity of hidden guests.


CBC: 27 June 1977 - 10 October 1980


Allen Spraggett and Bill Guest (first two seasons)
Paul Soles (Final Season)


An astrologer, a palmist or graphologist (depending on the episode), and a clairvoyant competed to identify a hidden guest. Each expert was given a clue to the guest's identity, based on their own area of expertise. The clues were as follows:

  • Astrologer's clue - the guest's birth date and time
  • Palmist's clue - a palm print of the guest
  • Graphologist's clue - a sample of the guest's handwriting
  • Clairvoyant's clue - one of the guest's personal items

Each panelist sat in an isolation booth so that they couldn't communicate with each other; they had to identify the guest on their own. They had about ninety seconds to make statements about the guest that they thought were true about the guest. Each time the guest made a correct assertion (either true or false), that panelist scored a point. If the panelist correctly guessed the guest's exact identity, they earned a twenty-point bonus; otherwise, they would receive partial credit, based on how close to reality their guess of the identity was.

Two guests appeared on each show. At the end of the show, the panelist with the most points would be the winner.