Paul McGuire

Krista Herman
Sarah Freudeman
Liza Fromer
Shaun Majumder
Andrea Menzies
Rob Pagetto

Nicholas Schimmelpenninck-Picholas
YTV: 1993-1996
The Robert Essery Organization

A pop culture game show where the more contestants know about pop culture, the greater their chances of winning prizes.


Four contestants competed to answer questions based on Movies, Television, and Music. At the start of the game, Liza Fromer, later Shaun Majumder, gives out information for questions about several pop culture films, TV shows, music, and occasionally sports of the era with clips being provided. To start, McGuire asks a jump in question with the first person to buzz in getting a chance to answer. If he/she is right, they get one Clips star and a chance to earn up to 4 more by answering questions at each of the four colored stations (Purple, Red, Green or Blue). After a clip is played, the co-host at their station asked the question pertaining to that clip. If they answer wrong at any time, they must return to their podium and a new Jump In would be read. The contestant with the most Clips stars at the end of 3 minutes of gameplay wins a prize for themselves and a home player. In the event of a tie, one more toss up was read and the one who answered correctly would win.

Three such rounds are played during the show with four different contestants playing and a different prize offered in each round. The one of the three winning contestants who has won the most Clips stars would go on to the Big Wheel Round for a shot at the grand prize.

Big Wheel RoundEdit

The winner of the first three rounds got a chance to spin an 8 colored space with 2 colors each. A clip will play on the colored station of where the wheel stops. If the contestant answers correctly on the final question, they win the grand prize.

YouTube LinksEdit

Intro of a 1995 show
Clip of a 1994 show

A full episode of the show: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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