Joseph "Joe" Motiki
Ice Cold Cash
Food Network Canada: 2012
Architect Films

Ice Cold Cash is a fun and fast-paced food-based trivia that will whip up your brain and tenderize your funny bone.


In each half-hour episode, he viewer plays along with the contestant as they flex their mental muscle, answer questions that become increasingly difficult. The first question is worth $10 dollars and ridiculously easy. However, with every question after that, the contestants' money doubles...potentially up to more than $5,000. But one wrong answer can make the cash melt away, but this is a fell-good show so everybody wins something in the end. There are no complicated rules, no lifelines, just lots of laughs and a fountain of fascinating food facts on Ice Cold Cash.

About JoeEdit

When Joe's not moderating the games, he's scouring the parks, streets and beaches for unsuspecting folks to answer one-off trivia question for cash. Joe also shows obscure gadgets and little-known edibles while testing their culinary vocabulary and sense of humor. And you won't believe the things he convinces people to bite, taste and try to pronounce.


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