Yves Desgagnes, Mahee Payment & Nelson Harvey
L' Echelle de Talet Zero a 1000
V: 30 August 2010-6 May 2011

L'Echelle du Talent (The Scale of Talent) was a French-Canadian speaking talent show where in each episode, four competitors must demonstrate their talent and are then placed on L'Echelle du Talent ("The Talent Scale") spanning $0, $250, $500 and $1,000.


The show begins with one of the three hosts who explains the concept of the show. As they will then join the other facilitators and ask a question to one or both hosts. One of the presenters presents the four competitors of the days and invites the first participant to come. After the latter has made his or her performance, the judges say in turn of what he or she thought of the act. After the latter, the judges talk to each other for 30 seconds to place the competitors on the talent ladder. One of the three hosts then announces the results as the show ends.



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