Patrice L'Ecuyer (1990-1994, 1999-2001)
Marc-Andre Coallier (1994-1995)
Les Detecteurs de Mensonges
Les Detecteurs de Mensonges 1999
Radio-Canada: 1990-1994, 1999-2001
TQS: 1994-1995

Les Détecteurs De Mensonges (Lying Detectors) was a French-speaking Canadian game show.


On each show, three guests artists each had three statements one of which is false. The artist on the spot had to deceive the other two guests as well as the public composed of 28 people. A highlight of the show was when the host read a joking proverb while the audience votes were counted just before the guests confessed his or her lie. Several false proverbs were (falsely) attributed to Confucius. If no one in the audience discovered the lie, the artists won a trophy.


AVANTI Cine Video site about the show

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