Monty Hall
Sandy Hoyt
Global: 12/15/86 - 9/11/87
Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
Concept Equity Funding Limited
Viacom Productions

(insert random question) You'll find out as/when one of these 3 contestants win the chance to drive home in this brand new Pontiac/Buick (insert model name) in just a SPLIT SECOND!!! (lightning strikes) And now, here's the star of our show, MONTY HALL!!!

The show where the questions have three answers, and it's up to three contestants to answer them for money and possibly even a brand new car.


The First Two RoundsEdit

The host would ask a series of three-part questions with were three clues to three answers (one for each answer) appear on a monitor. The first player to buzz-in got a chance to answer first, second to buzz-in can answer second, and the slowest player answered last. In the event a contestant rang in too early before the clues were revealed, he/she was locked out and must answer last.

Each time a contestant answered correctly, he/she won some money. The contestants score according to how many of them gave a correct answer. Here's how they score:

Round one

Players Correct Amount
3 $10
2 $25
1 $50

Round two

Players Correct Amount
3 $20
2 $50
1 $100

Countdown RoundEdit

The final round of the main game was always the Countdown Round. In this round the questions were the same as before except now when buzzing in, the contestant can give one, two or all three answers. For each time the player in control was right he/she gave another answer, but as soon as he/she missed, the other players had a chance to answer the remainder of the question according to how fast they buzzed in. The round is called the Countdown Round because in this round the contestants are no longer playing for money. They're trying to countdown to zero, for each correct answer counted down one towards zero. From where they must count down all depended on their final scores at the end of round two. The player with the highest score had the advantage of needing to give only four answers, the second-place player must give five, and the third-place player was in the disadvantage position, needing six. The first player to reach zero won the game. All three players kept the cash that they've won from the first two rounds but the winner of the game won the right to play for a brand new car.

The Car Bonus RoundEdit

Version #1Edit

Behind the car were five screens. One of them had the word CAR behind it, while the remaining four read $1,000. The winning contestant had a choice of one of the screens and if the screen he/she chose said CAR, that contestant won the car and retired from the show. If not, he/she won $1,000 and the right to play on the next show with one fewer screen to choose from for each return trip.

Version #2Edit

In this version this time instead of having just one screen say CAR, two others said CAR as well. While the remaining two had a different prize behind them (either a fur coat, indicated by the word FUR, or a trip, indicated by the word VACATION). The champion's job in this version was to pick the three screens that say CAR; doing so won the car, but not doing so won the other prize. Upon revealing a smaller prize screen, host Monty Hall gave the contestant a decision to either take that prize plus $1,000 for every day he/she appeared on the show and leave the show or reject that prize and return on the next show. On the champion's fourth try, one extra screen said CAR making a total four screens saying CAR, but the same rules apply; this just gave the contestant an easier chance at the car.

In either version, any player who won five games in a row automatically won the car and retired from the show.

Episode StatusEdit

This game show is intact and has been rerun on GameTV.

It was also syndicated in the US through Viacom, and rerun on The Family Channel in the United States in the mid-1990s.


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