Wink Yahoo (Scott Yaphe)

Samantha Cook
Joseph Pierre
Aaron Alexander
Patricia Ribeiro
Shaun Majumder
Ryan Belleville
Christian Hagen
Erin Strimaitis
Akua Otupiri
Dawn Cox
The Punisher

Mr. Voiceman (Dwayne Hill)
YTV: 1997 - 2003
GRC Productions (1997–1998)
YTV Productions Inc.(1998–2001, 2002-2003)
Corus Entertainment (1999-2003)
Uh Oh V Productions Inc. (2001-2002)
Uh oh

OPENING PHRASE: What do you say when (insert something accidental or silly)? AUDIENCE: UH OH! (after theme song): And now, please welcome, a man who (insert funny phrase here)! Wink! Yahoo!

Uh Oh! was a children's game show that lasted from 1997-2003 on YTV for kids. This show was hosted by Wink Yahoo. The show had kids answer questions and partake in wacky challenges.


  • Slashin' Sam (Samantha Cook) and Jumpin' Joe (Joseph Pierre), later replaced by Tearin' Aaron (Aaron Alexander) during the first season; they were the referees of Mayhem Games.
  • Quizmaster Patricia (Patricia Ribeiro) - she was the quizmaster for the Speed Round and helped players at the dump.
  • Slime Master Shaun Majumder (replaced by Slime Master Ryan Belleville in season 5 and 6) hosted the Slime Tour
  • The Punisher (Mike Beaver/Sean "Bubba" Loucks) - a man dressed up in black who tortured the kids and dumped slime all over the player's heads who got Uh Oh!


There are three teams, Red, Blue, and Green with two kids on each team competing in three rounds of competition. Two of the rounds had the players spin a wheel to determine their fate and decide what games to play.


Here are the games the players had to face:

  • Uh Oh!: This eponymous spot requires Wink to ask the spinner a multiple-choice question, while the Punisher puts their partner in a glass booth. If the spinner answered correctly, the team earned 50 points; otherwise, their partner had "goo" poured on him/her. Wink would give a main fact why the spinner answered incorrectly and the Punisher would utter a punchline relating to the question as he poured the slime on his victim.
    • Uh Oh! Deluxe: Introduced in the show's second season, the deluxe version of Uh Oh! was worth 75 points, and generally contains a more difficult question. The penalty was also doubled to two buckets of slime. In seasons 2–3, the second bucket of goo, which was often made of metal, usually contained a more oily (shiny) type goo and often had sparkles mixed in it. The spot was changed slightly in the show's fourth season, in which Wink would make the spinner taste or sniff something and make them guess what ingredients it contains. This was based off a sketch that was used on It's Alive! called Non-Sense!. The spinner would still be given multiple choice answers, which were only shown to home audience. The second bucket mixture in the fourth season was also changed, to become a more thick mixture inside a bucket. Uh Oh! Deluxe revised its original question format in the show's fifth season and the second bucket of goo was mostly the same type as the first. Unchanged was the Punisher's habit of throwing in punchlines befitting the question.
  • Mayhem: This spot requires Sam or Aaron to instruct the spinner's partner to complete a physical, often messy, activity within a 20-second time limit. Activities included searching for items in pools of goo, using various methods to target shoot with various types of projectiles, and grabbing items while using their mouth. Mayhem games are worth up to 50 points for the team. However, these are sometimes awarded incrementally, such as 10 points for each item found; but most of the games are only awarded after a complete success. There was one Mayhem game that appeared on every episode, but was not always played What's That?!, which offered 10 points for each of the correct five items that fit in a certain category.
  • Speed Round: This spot is a lightning round and requires Patricia to ask the spinner up to 10 questions within a 20-second time limit. Each correct answer was worth five points for a potential of 50 points. Some questions had no wrong answer such as "Do you like [something]" and consecutive questions usually continued on a theme from the previous one. At the end, Wink would explain the outcome provided by the off-screen judges.
  • The Dump: This spot requires the spinner to drop his/her ball through a pipe into a gameboard which had Plinko-style pegs, manually operated flippers, other obstacles, and several receptacles for the ball to land in. The receptacles were marked with a game result including winning or losing certain numbers of points for his/her own team, winning (or in season 1, losing) points for other teams, or stealing points from other teams. The maximum winnings for the spot was worth 50 points.
  • ... & Spin: Win & Spin earns 20 points for the team plus an additional spin. Lose & Spin loses 20 points for the team plus an additional spin to attempt to regain some points. Trade & Spin forces the team to trade scores with the spinner's choice of the other two teams, mostly if the spinner was not in the lead. Each space resulted in a second spin for the team; landing on one of these spaces during a second spin would result in the scoring effect, but not a third spin.
  • Pick It!: This spot replaced Uh Oh! Deluxe during the show's fifth season, and requires the spinner to decide whether to play Uh Oh!, Mayhem, Speed Round, The Dump, or Uh Oh! Deluxe. If the spinner fails to make a choice in 5 seconds, they miss their turn.
  • Fruit Gushers: This spot replaced Pick It! during the show's sixth and final season, and requires the spinner's partner to bob for oversized Fruit Gushers floating within a giant Fruit Gusher within a 20-second time limit. Each Gusher had a team colour and point value on it; that team won the points that were indicated. Points are ranged between 5 and 75.

Round 1Edit

In the first round, a person from each team would spin the wheel as their partner is supposed to do a certain task landed on the wheel. Spaces on the wheel in the first round included wedges such as 3 "Uh Oh!" spaces, 3 "Mayhem" spaces, 2 "Speed Round" spaces, a "The Dump" space, 2 "Win and Spin" spaces, and a "Trade and Spin" space.

When this round was over, Mr. Voiceman would announce the grand prize on the show's next episode.

Round 2 - Slime Tour/Field GamesEdit

In the second round of Uh Oh, the three teams would watch a game being shot outside of the studio at another location in Canada. There were three contestants who were participating in the Slime Tour game. They were dressed in purple, orange, and yellow. The teams in the studio would have to predict who would win the event. Whoever chose right received 35 points.

Round 3Edit

Similar to the first round but the wheel has 3 propellers on it instead of the clicking one in the first round. In this round, the wheel had spaces such as 2 Uh Oh!, 1 Uh Oh! Deluxe, 3 Mayhem, 2 Speed Round, 1 The Dump, 1 Win and Spin, 1 Lose and Spin and 1 Trade and Spin.

Whoever had the most points at the end of the game won. If the game was a tie, then Wink would ask a tie breaking question, and whoever got it won the game and 50 points. The teams received prizes based on how they finished.



"Bwooooop!" - Wink Yahoo

"UH OH!"- Audience

"Each spin of the wheel could alter your points, force you into messy activities, pose you some quick quizzes, or result in all sorts of unpleasant surprises, Mayhem, Uh Oh!, Speed Round, or The Dump." - Wink Yahoo

"You say (insert answer), I say he/she is right! 50 POINTS OVER THERE FOR THE RED/BLUE/GREEN TEAM!" - Wink Yahoo

"You say (insert answer), I say you're wrong! (Insert correct answer information). Punisher?" - Wink Yahoo

"Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump!" - Audience would chant this when the contestant landed on The Dump


Camille & Richard Rodwell


YouTube VideosEdit

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