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Welcome to YOU BET YOUR ASS! Please welcome our host STEWART FRANCIS!

You Bet Your Ass was a Canadian gambling/pop culture quiz game show.


Main GameEdit

The game was played in four rounds.

Round 1: Piece of AssEdit

In the first round, "Piece of Ass", the three contestants are shown a category and turn by Stewart says the show's tagline "Hit Me", and must answer a question for 100 points. The contestant in the left podium begins the round. After seeing their category, contestants have the option of "doubling down", and instead receiving two questions in the category, for 200 points. However, if the contestant gets a question wrong, not only do they lose points corresponding to how much it was worth (100 normally, 200 for a double-down), but the other players have a chance to steal the question. Players are given 1000 points to begin the game. Also, one player may get a wild card instead of a category, and they must choose an opponent from whom to take 500 points if they can answer a single question.

Round 2: Dirty DozenEdit

This is much like the typical "Lightning round" on many game shows. 12 questions were asked (4 per contestant), with a spotlight randomly falling on a contestant who must then answer directly. The correct answer to each question serves to segue to the next question. Questions are worth 500 points apiece (100 in season 1), and no points are lost on incorrect responses. In season 1, the contestant who answers was determined before Stuart read the question, however, in season 2, Stewart would read the question and then the contestant would be chosen.

Round 3: Up Your AssEdit

It takes the same form as round one, only with 200 or 400 points at stake, and 1000 points are again given to all players.

Round 4: Ass on the LineEdit

The final round was Ass On The Line. It presented the players with four categories. The player with the lowest score gets first choice and could wager any amount up to their total on each of three successive questions in the chosen category, with a minimum bet of 500 points (100 in season 1) (Players cannot bet uneven amounts, for example 2550 it would only be 2500 or 2600) (the round is over for that player if they fall below the minimum). The player who began the round in second place chooses from the three remaining categories and the same structure applies, followed by the same routine for the player that was leading to begin the round.

The player with the most points at the end of the final round won the game, $500 and goes on to try and double or quadruple the money.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning player got to see one final category, and may choose to answer one question for a further $1,000, or to answer two questions for a further $2,000. Regardless of the choice, it is an all-or-nothing bonus: if, for example, the player opted to answer two questions, but answers the first one correctly and misses the second, they only win the $500 for winning the game.

In season 1, the winner could choose to take $500 or "double down" and attempt to answer one final question correctly for $1,000, but a wrong answer meant he/she got nothing. If a game ended in a tie, the double down question was not offered and the tied contestants split the $1,000 prize automatically.


Peter Warnica


Michael Geddes and Christopher Geddes

You Bet Your Ass was also aired on Action TV in the United States of America from 2009.

Video LinksEdit


Sizzle Reel


Clip of the Show

A full episode of the show: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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